I'm often asked, what is a toner and do I really need one? Toner is a broad term for a liquid that is generally used after washing and before moisturizing. A toner can help further cleanse skin, removing any residual face wash as well as hard water deposits. It can help hydrate the skin to prep it for your moisturizer, allowing it to further soften skin. Toners offer a myriad of other benefits depending on the ingredients.

Perhaps the best benefit of a toner however, is its ability to restore pH levels on the outside of skin. The surface of the skin has a naturally acidic barrier, called the acid mantle, which consists of sebum and sweat. This may sound gross, but it is actually an essential defense mechanism. This acid mantle has a pH of around 4.5 - 5.5. Most bacteria and environmental contaminants are alkaline, with a pH above 7. The acidic layer of the skin helps prevent those contaminants from penetrating the skin.

When we cleanse however, we are also washing away that acid mantle. Most all cleansers are alkaline in nature, and nuetralizes the acid mantle. The skin naturally rebuilds the mantle, but in the mean time skin is more susceptible to acne, irritation and infection. Using a toner, which is usually acidic, helps restore the pH level of your skin, keeping it safe while it rebuilds the acid mantle. All of the Nabele toners have a pH of 4.5-5.5, perfect for use after cleansing.

Now, the real question, do you *need* a toner? I'd love to tell you that you absolutely do and then refer you to our toner products page, but I won't. While I personally love using toners and genuinely think they can be helpful for any skin type, not using one won't doom you to a horrible looking face. If you have never used a toner and are perfectly happy with your skin, it isn't a "must have" addition to your skin care routine. But if you suffer from skin problems, or would like to further pamper your skin and keep it looking fresh, using a toner is definitely worth it. And here I would like to humbly direct you to some of the great toners we offer if you'd like to give one a try.